Oralcare Water Flosser

Spa Therapist For your Teeth, Strong Pulsation , Perfect Oral Care.

Portable Water Flosser

RST5002 Pulse mode
Regular use of Flosser, stimulates gums to improve blood circulation. Makes you feel fresh and clean.
Flossing Removes Bacteria
Removes bacteria from deep below the gumline and between teeth, where traditional flossing or brushing cannot reach. Keeps away bad breath.
Water Jet Flossing
Pulse mode comfortably massages gums, therefore, improving overall gum health and oral hygiene.
Bridge braces Crown Cleaning
Ideal for cleaning and easy use around braces, bridges and crowns.
RST5002 Accessories
Two Nozzles provided (with different color indication ring for two members of the family).
three mode design
Three operation modes for varying oral care needs. Soft mode is recommended for first time users.
360 Rotating Nozzle
Ergonomically designed handle and 360° rotary nozzle, lets easy control of water flow to reach all areas of the mouth.
Flosser Nozzle Release Button
Portable and Compact Unit. Nozzle release bottom, easy for taking down nozzle.
convenient water Refill
Convenient for water refill.
Pin Protect Design
Rechargeable, charging point protection design.
Uses Lithium-Ion battery (fully charged) last upto 10-12days, even when used two times a day.
You may use mouthwash or anti-bacterial rinses (as recommended by Dentist or Hygienist) in dilution with water (40:60) approx. for Flossing.

RST5002 LED Indicator
Operation in 3 mode Normal,Soft and Pulse with LED.
smart Design
Auto shut-off after two minutes cycle is complete.
Ultra Fine Water Flow
0.6mm ultrafine water flow.
Low noise Flossing
Low noise design.
RST5002 Battery
Li-ion battery provided, charges full in 8 hours.
150 ml tank Design
150ml large capacity water tank, dual design for easy water refill.
water floss Proof Design
Waterproof design.
Worldwide voltage(100-240V).
RST5002 USB Charge
Charged by AC/DC adapter, also can be charged by other power supply through special USB cable.
RST5002 dimensions
Product size : 56 (L) x 70 (W) x 273 (H) mm.

Orthodontic Nozzle    Specially designed for person who is applying orthodontic appliance.
   Clinically proven 3X as effective as dental floss for cleaning around braces around braces with orthodontic tip.
   Ideal for cleaning around dental bridges, braces and crown.
   Slowly slide along the gum line.
   Use nozzle brush bristle (present on tip) to clean the area between teeth and around orthodontic bracket.

Standard Nozzle    Removes food particle.
   Massages and stimulates the gums.
   Ideal for cleaning around dental bridges, braces and crowns.

Tongue Cleaning nozzle    Removes bacteria from the tongue to freshen the breath.
   Stimulate tongue to improve circulation and keep your oral heathy.

1. Attach nozzle onto the unit. (Fig. 2)

flosser nozzle

2. Open the water tank cap to fill the water and after filling the water close the cap. Water temperature should not exceed 40ºC.(Fig. 3)

RST5002 tank cap


Slide water tank down from the main unit and then fill the water. After water filling, attach the tank back to main unit.(Fig. 4)


3. Select the mode as per requirement. LED indication available for mode section. During irrigating also, you could change the working mode. For first time user, suggested to use soft mode (Fig. 5)

Flosser working mode

Normal mode: Cleaning with faster injected water speed

Soft mode: Gentle cleaning of sensitive gums with slow injected water speed.

Pulse mode: Gum massage and remove non movable dirt between teeth

4. Hold the unit in an upright position and nozzle tip point facing toward your teeth.

5. Keep your mouth partially closed to avoid getting wet.

6. Press “On/Off” button to start irrigating.(Fig. 6)

Cleaning Water Flosser

    1) Direct water jet flow at 90º angle to the teeth and gums

    2) Direct water jet slowly along the teeth.

    3) Direct water jet along the gum line with nozzle tip at 90º angle.

    4) Clean between the teeth and around the braces, crowns or bridgework thoroughly.

7. Press “On/Off” button to stop the Water Flosser.

8. Press the nozzle release button and pull the nozzle gently to replace other nozzle and follow the same process. (Fig. 7)

Nozzle Release Button

9. Clean the device properly and refer maintenance tab for more detail (Fig. 8)

RST5002 Cleaning

For bacteria prevention, make sure there is no water remaining inside the unit. If you are not going to use the device for longer time, make sure wipe and dry the device before keeping in unused state. Follow the below mentioned process to clean the device

1. Open the water tank cap and dispose of the water in the tank.

2. Press “On/Off” button to turn on the unit, and drain the water inside the device.

3. Press “On/Off” button again to turn off the unit, and close the water tank cap.

4. Wipe the device with dry cloth.

Use only water or neutral washing agents for device cleaning. Do not use caustic or abrasive agents (e.g., vinegar or lime scale removers). Do not use hot water / cleaning fluids over 50ºC. Keep the device in cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

1. Remove dirt using damp soft cloth.

2. Do not wash under water.

1. Wash with water and wipe with soft cloth.

2. Replace nozzle every 6 months.

1. Wash with water and wipe with soft cloth.

2. Do not bend, pull or twist.

1. Wash with water and wipe with soft cloth.

2. Keep tank dried and away from sunlight when not in use for long time.

Portable Water Flosser approval