All you need to know about what causes Bad Breath

All you need to know about what causes Bad Breath

‘I love bad breath’, said no one ever! No matter how gorgeous you are, if your breath stinks, the only thing that you are going to attract are fleas. Halitosis or chronic bad breath isn’t uncommon and definitely not a medical emergency but a very common nuisance – 20-30 per cent of the world population suffers from this distressing ailment.

What Causes Bad Breath:

It’s a common misconception that bad breath is directly related to food and drinks we consume. It is true that foodstuffs like garlic and onions or drinks like coffee, alcohol, etc. can momentarily cause bad breath. But they are not the sole reasons for bad breath.

  1. Poor Dental Hygiene and Bacteria:

One of the most common reasons of chronic bad breath is poor oral hygiene. The bacteria in your mouth cause cavities, gum diseases, inflammation and discoloration of tongue. If unchecked it reacts with food and produces toxics which give out the sulphuric odour from your mouth.

  1. Poor health and ailments:

Did you know in many cases bad breath is an indicator of critical diseases like cancer? Uncontrolled diabetes, liver diseases, kidney failure, heartburns, ulcers, hyper acidity and infections such as sore throat, are some of the major reasons for bad breath.

  1. Eating disorders and sleeping habits:

Bad breath is also caused due to lack of sleep, irregular eating habits and malnutrition. It causes acidity which breaks down the fat and emits a tangy fruity odour.

Whatever be the causes, with the right measures one can treat the underlying disorder and easily keep bad breath in check.