We know how hectic life could be in between your daily routine which involves sports, job, college, work and our health takes a back seat, more so oral health. But it is important to spend time in oral hygiene as finally oral diseases or bad breath or bleeding gums can be a nightmare to deal with when the time comes.

1. Snack Sensibly

Start with baby steps. Keep a balanced diet & Snack sensibly! Constantly snacking throughout the day causes tooth degradation and contributes majorly towards producing 60% more acid in our mouth which eventually paves the way for tooth decay and cavities. Opting for tooth friendly snacks like seeds, carrots, broccoli, fruits and nuts, high fiber foods, dairy products rich in nutrients helps obstruct plaque build-up in our mouth.

2. Protect Your Teeth From Sugar Bath

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have an eternal love for chocolates, candies or sweets and that’s why we can never refuse to have them. If you are a sugar lover you should know that food with high sugar content are the sweet poison which worsens your oral health. The bacteria contained in plaque feeds on the sugar in foods creating acids which can last for up to half an hour destroying your tooth enamel over time. Learn how to reduce sugar from your diet to cut down on sugar intake

3. Brushing and Flossing is Mandatory

Now this one is pretty obvious. If you do choose to snack between meals make sure you brush and floss your teeth immediately after you eat to keep acids aside. Of course we understand that not everyone has time to drop in the bathroom repeatedly to brush and floss after every meal. But you can vigorously rinse your mouth with water a few times after every meal or a quick tip is to brush without a toothpaste. Always carry a travel toothbrush because even without toothpaste, it will remove plaque and bacteria to much extent.

4. Checking Oral Health is Teeth’s Wealth

One of the most essential tip to stick to healthy teeth and gums is to ensure regular trips to your dental practitioner which is actually an oral cancer check where your mouth is surveyed for early signs of Oral Cancer. Regular dental check-ups makes you acquainted about various other tooth problems which you are not even aware of unless you have an obvious pain. So regular visit to your dentist should be at the top in your yearly to do list.

5. Make Sugarless Gums your Best Friend

This is the most easy and enjoyable way to take care of your teeth without investing any time or efforts. Chewing increases saliva flow in your mouth which washes away food particles and promotes remineralization helping teeth to recover from any damage incurred while eating. Just a piece of sugar free gum in your mouth for 20 minutes after snack or meal can do wonders to your oral health.

So make sure you take care of your teeth not only during day and night but throughout the day which will definitely give you a sparkling smile.


There is a common myth that as we age, tooth loss in inevitable. But it’s not true because how your teeth age depends on how well you have cared for them.

For ages, “Long in the tooth” was a prevalent practice done by horse traders where they judged a horse’s age by looking at its teeth. Luckily for humans, there are a lot of options for compensating that and avoiding the effect of tooth ageing.

Our mouth is considered as the main door to our body, which directly controls many of the issues vital to life such as breathing, nourishment, digestion, speaking ability, chewing efficiency and sleep quality etc. So it is mandatory to ensure that you can hang on to your teeth as you age.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways our teeth change with age:


Years of chewing, grinding and biting makes our teeth shorter and changes our bite position. Wear and tear of enamel makes teeth vulnerable to damage and decay. Teeth become worn and the muscles used for chewing get weaker, making chewing inefficient.


Gums get thinner and begin to recede as we age. Many older adults may suffer from advanced gum disease which eventually destroys the gums, bone and ligaments supporting teeth leading to tooth loss.


As you age, you start to produce less saliva which causes dryness in your mouth. This inhibits bacterial growth which leads to poor saliva production and various gum diseases etc. Medication is also one of the major cause of dryness.


While smoking or consuming tobacco, think beyond lung and heart diseases. Cigarettes and tobacco contain certain chemicals and on prolonged use they can cause various gum, dental problems causing Oral cancer. Quit using tobacco, to be at less risk of gum disease, bad breath, stained teeth and oral cancer. Dental infections caused by these chemicals or bacteria can also lead to pus (abscesses) in the brain and unexplained fevers.


Our teeth ultimately turn yellow as we grow older as the enamel wears away from chewing and exposure to acids from food and drinks.


The nerves in our teeth often get smaller making them less sensitive as we age. Taste buds too get less sensitive due to which older people often complaint of food tasting bland.


You might be surprised to know how taking simple preventive measures/tips can help you protect your teeth as you age and can help to keep your mouth youthful. Let’s follow these tips:


Proper brushing technique makes a lot of difference. Brush your teeth and gums at least twice a day for 2 minutes. Brush with a soft bristled toothbrush because it removes plaque from hard to reach places to ensure good oral hygiene. Make sure you add tongue cleaning to every routine.


Electronic toothbrush has been one of the biggest advances in dental care and investing in them pays off in the long run. Improper brushing can lead to plaque build-up, cavities, swollen gums and poor oral health. Electronic brushes have a proper timer and technique to ensure that the brushing is done as per dentist recommended standards.


It’s surprising how many people in India have never visited a dentist. Incorporating healthy habits and periodic visits to dentists at frequent intervals for professional cleaning & regular guidance is the most important activity to prevent tooth ageing.


Eating raw vegetables can help clean your teeth. Moderate consumption of sugar is a must for all age groups. If you do consume acidic foods and beverages like citrus fruits and wine, be sure to rinse immediately with water. Wait thirty minutes before brushing to give your enamel time to toughen up. Quit consumption of tobacco and smoke: it’s a no-brainer!


Drinking plenty of water can help decrease the effects of dry mouth reducing the chance of gum diseases.


Flossing on a regular basis is vitally important for older people to prevent dental problems as they are more susceptible to tooth decay. Flossing twice a day for at least 2 minutes helps to prevent plaque from collecting between teeth. Oral Care’s Smart Water Flosser is a must have in every adult’s bathroom closet as it does the job effectively and seamlessly as per dentist recommendation.

With so many options available these days, oral hygiene is not much of a difficult task. Educate yourself and your circle of older adults on these Dental care tips. If you still can’t fix the problem, your dentist would be more than happy to provide you the guidance.

How important is the 2 minute routine for your Oral Hygiene and Daily Dental Care Routine?

Now it’s easy to make people fall in love with your smile every day with Oral Care’s  recommended 2 min 2x dental care routine. Over the past decade, every dentist recommends the 2 minutes time twice a day for brushing and flossing for less cavities and to avoid painful dental problems.




Surprisingly, tooth decay is the second most common problem in the world after cold. You can run the risk of developing diseases of both gums and enamel with the consumption of sugary candies, chocolates or sweets as the leftover bacteria from these substances stick to the teeth and can lead to gingivitis which causes tooth decay.
Flossing is as equally important as brushing to avoid tooth decay; because flossing regularly for 2 minutes twice a day can reduce bacteria left on the teeth and reach those hard to reach areas where a brush can’t reach.

But now, you don’t need to give up on your love for candies or chocolates when you have Oral Care’s smart technology products like its Smart Water Flosser and Tabletop Water Flosser. 2 minutes regular routine with the two types of Water Flossers helps to eliminate the unwanted food particles in your mouth with a refreshing morning breath.





Help your kids brush their teeth 2 minutes each time, twice a day for healthier teeth and sparkling white smile. Once your child’s teeth start growing, encourage them to use a pea sized dab of fluoride toothpaste (for kids ageing from 3-6 years) and children toothbrush only. Help them to place the toothbrush at an angle against their gums by holding the brush and moving it at an appropriate direction.

Now your child can have a kickass start to the day with Oral Care Kids Musical Toothbrush which not only makes brushing, a fun filled activity for your child with its interesting tunes but also plays the tunes for exact 2 minutes, which is an appropriate time recommended by dentists for brushing. The 2 minutes routine along with the fun filled activities makes your child’s tooth healthy and strong keeping them away from tooth problems like sensitivity and tooth decay.


Kid’s teeth can be flossed as soon as two of their teeth touch each other. Teach your kids how to floss properly with Oral Care’s Table Top Water Flosser suitable for up to 4 members of a family.




The stains caused on the teeth are easy to acquire but very difficult to remove on your own. Stains on our teeth are caused when small food particles get stuck in between the teeth and continue to remain there when we do not bother to clean it. These tooth stains are caused by a wide range of factors from consuming dark coloured beverages to smoking and certain medications. The truth is what we consume throughout the day like tea, coffee or aerated drinks are often the largest contributor to our tooth stains.

But now you don’t have to give up the above drinks with 2 minutes routine of Oral Care Smart Water Flosser which ensures you to provide the best Oral Health to your tooth with the ultimate spa therapy experience to your teeth.




If you gave up on hot or cold drinks because they hurt your teeth, it may be the time to take an appointment from your dentist about the possibility that you have sensitive teeth. Sometimes, other things can also aggravate sensitivity on your teeth like sweet and sour foods or even cold air.
Tooth sensitivity can be easily treated without giving up on your favourite ice creams and fizzy drinks as Oral Care has great options for you- Oral Care Smart Water Flosser and Table top Water Flosser for your entire family. Both of them are the most easy and effective way to floss. Particularly with proper care and early treatment, regular flossing and brushing with soft bristles, tooth sensitivity can be prevented. Avoid acidic foods and drinks which attacks your tooth enamel and avoid brushing too hard on your teeth




If you are a spinach lover and regularly eat a few bowls in a sitting as an entire meal, unfortunately the spinach will find every single gap in your teeth and stick there. This is arguably the most embarrassing food to get in stuck in your teeth because that bright green is real obvious against your white teeth. But, a regular flossing twice a day with 2 minutes routine of Oral Care Smart Water Flosser is strong enough to clean those stubborn greens even from hard to reach areas of your mouth. So you can sit back and relax with a bowl of your favourite leafy vegetables every day.




If you eat foods with strong odours such as garlic or onions, brushing and flossing is important as it covers up the bad odour from your mouth. Persistent bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth may be a warning sign of gum (periodontal) disease. Gum disease is caused by the build-up of plaque on teeth. Bacteria cause the formation of toxins to form, which irritate the gums. If gum disease continues untreated, it can damage the gums and jawbone. If you don’t brush and floss daily, food particles can remain in your mouth resulting into bad breath from your mouth even when you speak.

But now, with 2 minutes routine of Oral Care Smart Water Flosser, it’s easy to beat that bad breath in your mouth.

Sparing 2 minutes twice a day to keep your mouth and gums healthy will definitely save you from extensive dental work as you age. So make sure you floss and brush twice daily on regular intervals to have a smile that shines like a diamond.

Tips On Choosing Best Dental Products For Your Teeth

‘Smiling is not expensive but neglect in dental care is’. Everyone knows that brushing twice each day and flossing once every day gives you complete Oral Care. Still we neglect our dental care sometimes because of our busy schedule. But now, with oral care becoming more advanced, it has become really easy to take care of your teeth with proper guidance, care and a lot of options. But make sure that you check all the facts and information about the product before using it.


Why scratch your head while selecting the best toothbrush for yourself?

It’s not difficult to select a perfect brush for your teeth if you have the right guidance and best quality products. Your dentist is the first person who knows about your oral care better than you

But generally as a rule, always go for soft bristled brushes particularly, if you are suffering from gingivitis

  • A toothbrush with a small head reaches into the tight spots and hard to reach areas of your mouth.
  • Don’t forget to change your toothbrush every 3 months.

Many people choose electrical toothbrushes because it is easy to operate. Oral Care has a great option for your children – the Kids Musical Toothbrush  which makes brushing an easy and fun activity. It plays your kids’ favourite tunes for 2 minutes while they brush. 2 whole minutes of musical-timer ensures dentist recommended time for brushing.



You may not think too much about your toothpaste while buying it yet you use it daily. You should always select your toothpaste wisely because it becomes difficult to brush twice a day if it tastes bad. Dentists recommend using a fluoride toothpaste for cavity protection. There are varieties of toothpastes available in the market for each kind of tooth condition like gingivitis, sensitivity, teeth whitening and natural toothpaste. Choosing the right type of toothpaste does not involve taste only, it majorly depends on the condition of your teeth and also what your dentist recommends.



You cannot decide the best suitable mouthwash on the basis of your favourite colour, taste or brand. Choices are endless and a mouthwash can do a lot more than simply just simply refreshing your bad breath. Mouthwashes are designed exclusively for your dental condition. For e.g. if you are prone to cavities, mouthwash with fluoride is what you should opt for. But if you are suffering from gum diseases, choose a mouthwash accordingly. So, with any luck next time you’re in the dental care section, walk directly to the product that works for you without a moment’s hesitation.



There are lot of products in the market which are available for flossing your teeth but do you know some products have additional benefits too? Oral Care Solutions raised the benchmark by launching the advance range of Oral Care’s Portable Water Flosser which provides the perfect oral experience. This patented water flossing technique reaches even hard to reach areas of your mouth and removes almost 99.9% of plaque and bacteria. It ensures the advanced protection of your teeth by

  • Reducing the gum diseases
  • Implanting maintenance
  • Superior cleaning around braces
  • Effective plaque removal

It takes a minute with this unique device to provide the fresh and healthy oral gum massage experience to you and your entire family with its modern design. This water flosser is clinically proven to be much more effective as compared to manual or string dental floss. Get ready to sweep people off their feet with the bright sparkling smile only with Oral Care’s advanced water flosser. Also, see Tabletop Water Flosser  which can be used by the whole family.

Busting 6 Common Dental Myths

Isn’t it that faced with the choice of enduring a bad toothache or going to the dentist, we generally try to ride out the bad toothache.

After all how many times have you heard anyone say “Oh doc, it felt so good when you were drilling my teeth?”  The matter of fact is – visiting the dentist can be a traumatizing experience that can make a lasting bad impression on you.

It is this very anxiety and stress associated with dentists and dental problems that have escalated many dental myths. It’s time to bust the most common dental myths that hinder our oral health and open our eyes to reality.

6 Dental Myths_Insta

Myth#1 – Whiter teeth means healthier teeth

For all those who think your teeth should be “pearly white” here is an eye opener – the strongest teeth are natural, healthy ones and they are not pristine white. In fact they are a couple of shades darker, ranging from light grey to light yellow. This is because the enamel itself is bluish-white and can be a bit translucent towards the tips. It is because of this that yellow of dentine shows through, which makes your teeth appear light yellow – “Not White”.

Myth#2 – Teeth whitening / bleaching erodes teeth enamel

People are obsessed with getting pearly whites so bleaching or teeth-whitening is the fastest and safest way to get white teeth. It oxidizes your teeth using carbamide peroxide so that light refracts more favourably off the enamel. The root of this myth lies in the fact that prior to 1990 the materials used to bleach included acidic contents which after prolonged use eroded the enamel. But with advancement in technology and with new discoveries this is no more the issue. Bleaching materials now are basic PH materials.

Myth#3 – More sugar you eat, more damaged your teeth

Sure, sugar is bad for you, but it is not the only reason for tooth decay. The real cause of tooth decay is a combination of sugar, bacteria and acids.  If you are consuming more sugar but also maintaining a good oral health routine like rinsing your mouth after those sugary treats and brushing & flossing your teeth daily which keeps the plaque and tartar at bay, the chances of tooth decay are minimal. Studies have proven that even if you don’t consume sugar but have a bad oral hygiene habits, you are still equally prone to tooth decay and cavities.

Myth#4 – Electric brushes cleans teeth more effectively

False: An Electric toothbrush does as much a good job as any manual toothbrush will, provided you know how to brush properly. The idea of brushing teeth is to remove plaque and to stimulate the gums. Most toothbrushes will keep your teeth clean if you are using the proper techniques of brushing your teeth. The popularity of electric toothbrushes is due to its convenience and admittedly they are more fun to brush your teeth with.

Myth#5 – Don’t brush and floss while suffering from bleeding gums

One thing you have to remember that brushing doesn’t only clean your teeth but also removes plaque from the gums, increases blood circulation and stimulates them. Not brushing and flossing will only aggravate the problem and increase inflammation caused by plaque deposits and bacteria. If you are suffering from sore and bleeding gums, it is advisable to brush gently with a soft bristles toothbrush and instead of string floss use advanced water flossers like Oral Care’s Portable Water Flossers for gentle and effective cleaning.

Myth#6 – The more you brush, the cleaner and healthier your teeth

The whole point of brushing is to remove plaque and stimulate your gums. And for doing that brushing ‘properly’ two times a day is sufficient. In fact more the number of times you brush or the harder you brush, chances are that you are going to erode the enamel which would eventually lead to tooth loss or a broken tooth.


“Eating sweets causes cavities.” A statement we’ve been hearing since childhood. But does sugar really cause cavities? Or to put it precisely… is sugar the only reason for cavities and tooth decay? While we blame all the sugary sweets for causing cavities, sugar itself is not the real culprit for the tooth decay.

Plaque is a thin, translucent film of bacteria that coats the tooth surface. When sugar and starchy foods come in contact with plaque, it reacts with the bacteria to form acids that erode the tooth enamel and cause decay.

Its plaque not sugar that causes cavities! Plaque is formed because of the debris of food that sticks in between the groves and crevices of the teeth. Sugar is just one form of carb. Foods like burgers, fries, aerated drinks, coffee, and other starchy, oily eatables also contribute to the formation of plaque.

The following info graphic tells you which foods are good, bad & ugly for your teeth.

Best & worst food for your teeth_infographic

The Good

Food rich in fibre like apples, celery, carrots stimulates saliva that provides the best natural defence against the acids and bacteria. Saliva also contains traces of calcium and phosphate which help restore teeth back to health.

Green tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that suppress the bacterial growth.

Poultry and sea food is loaded with calcium which is basically what our teeth are composed of.

It has been scientifically proven that cheese has the ability to stop decay.

The Bad: Some foods, if consumed in moderate quantities are not as critical for dental health as those that fall in the worst category like caramel candies.

Sweets like milk chocolates, cakes, doughnuts, beverages like coffee, processed fruit juices and oily starchy food like burgers, fries, bread, pizzas have moderate potential for causing tooth decay if proper dental care is not taken.

The Ugly:

Stay away from foods like hard candy, breath mints, raisins, dry cereal, popcorn. They can get stuck in between the grooves and crevices of your teeth, where they cause decay.

Most aerated drinks are laden with sugar and contain capacious amount of phosphoric and citric acid that erode the tooth enamel. These should be avoided when possible.

Good nutrition goes a long way in maintaining good dental health. But alongside eating healthy, you also need to keep up with a good oral hygiene routine like – brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once a day with regular check-ups by your dentist. Inculcating good dental habits in your kids from a very young age is important. Try using fun ways to get them to brush their teeth diligently by using a toothbrush that plays music like Oral Care’s Kids Musical Toothbrush or electrical toothbrushes. Good oral health is a sign of a good overall health.

6 Crackling Ways to Stay Healthy and Smile Brightly This Diwali

It’s that time of the year again! The climate has changed to bright sunshine and crisp cool winter; lights are up, diyas all lit and the distant sound of fire crackers fills the air. Happy vibes spreading all around! Not to forget the smorgasbord of sumptuous, savory and mouth-watering delicacies. With all the temptation, it is certainly a tricky time for your fitness vows, not to mention a disastrous time for your oral health.
Diwali is the time when we let loose some of our inhibitions about our physique and give-in to our temptations to enjoy every moment. We tend to lose track of eating, drinking and fitness habits in the wake of the celebrations. But it doesn’t always have to be an either-or situation. You can turn this around into a win-win with just these six simple tips and make your Diwali into a crackling one.

1. Choice of sweets: You can never think of Diwali without mithais and such other hordes of sweet treats that are laden with calories. You can’t avoid them but you can choose what you put in your mouth. For eg. Gulab Jambun has 150 calories as against Kaju Katli which contains only 58 calories. Honey roasted and chocolate covered nuts and dry fruits are healthier options and in addition provide nutrients. Pick sweets like rasogullas or kaju katli over jalebi and boondi items.

2. Mindful eating: It is always better to be mindful of what you eat and how much. Eating sweets in itself not as harmful for your teeth and overall health, as how often as you eat them. You need not deprive yourself off your favorite ladoos, but eat slowly and in smaller portions. Try to relish every bite instead of getting stuffed by overeating. Avoid second helpings of heavy party treats.

3. Fruits and veggies overload: Curb the carbs and chomp on loads of fruits and veggies. Juicy fruits and crunchy veggies are always a better option to rich, carb loaded food and delicacies. Not only are they healthy, but they also help to clean and whiten your teeth naturally.

4. Drink a lot of water: Keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water and fresh juices in small intervals, particularly drink lot of water before snacks and meals. This gives you a feeling of fullness and prevents you from overindulging on snacks. Also drink water after meals as it helps flush off the food residue, clean your mouth and avoid plaque formation on your teeth.

5. Stay away from colored foods and preservatives: Diwali might be a colorful festival, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to your food. Avoid foodstuffs that are high on artificial coloring and preservatives. They stain your teeth and the acids in the preservatives promote bacteria and cavities. These chemicals also harm the digestive system and kidneys.

6. Rinse, brush and floss after every meal: Never forget your bathroom rules to maintain good oral health – Brush, floss and rinse. Particularly during this festive season it is essential that you rinse your mouth after every meal. The sticky, rich, sugary treats and savory namkeens tend to stick to the surface of your teeth and in between the grooves.

Rinsing or flossing with electric water flossers like Oral Care’s smart water flosser, after every meal helps flush out plaque and debris and reduces chances of cavities.

Getting your kids to brush with Kids’ Oscillating Musical Toothbrush makes brushing fun for the kids and also help reduce cavities that kid’s teeth are especially prone to during this season.
In this festive season, gift yourself and your loved ones a bright, white, healthy smile amidst the crackling celebrations. To give you just another reason to smile wider, avail of flat 25% discounts in our big Diwali Damaka Sale. Use COUPON CODE: DIWALI25 at checkout during your purchase. Offer valid from 26th October to 1st November 2016.

Wishing you and your family a safe, joyous and blessed Diwali from our Oral Care Family.

Oral Care Accelarates Innovation In Oral Health Care With Advanced Dental Care Products

Oral Care’s water flossers and musical toothbrushes combine advanced technology with sleek, compact and contemporary designs to help consumers improve oral health with ease and fun.

MUMBAI, June 7, 2016: Oral Care Solutions, a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative dental health care products, announced a dawn of a new age in oral health care with the launch of their latest range of the most advanced dental products: Tabletop Water Flosser RST5102 and Kids Musical Oscillating Toothbrushes RST2206. These new innovative products guarantee to provide advanced protection while making the act of brushing and flossing fun.

Oral Care Solutions showcased these new products alongside marketing its already popular and established brand at the trade exhibition of the prestigious FAMDENT SHOW 2016 held in Mumbai from 3rd to 5th June 2016. “We are pleased to introduce these exciting new products to our line of dental health care products and what better occasion than at the ever popular FAMDENT trade show”, said SagarAwatade, founder of Oral Care Solutions. “Now everyone can have a brighter smile with Oral Care’s advanced dental products.”

The Oral Care brand has already made its mark on the dental healthcare industry with its reputable and popular product: the compact and portable Oral Care’s Smart Water Flosser. This battery operated portable water flosser uses a patented water flossing technique that reaches even hard-to- reach areas of your mouth and removes up to 99.9% of the plaque.

Expanding on this advance water flossing technique, Oral Care Solutions introduced Tabletop Water Flosser RST5102 with a contemporary design that can be easily used by the entire family. It’’s packed with user-friendly features like easy operating control system with 10 settings for optimum control of water pressure from 30 to 110 PSI and 1200 pulses per minute. Its pulse-modulation technology massages and stimulates gums and improves circulation which helps in strengthening them.

“When it comes to dental care nothing is more important than proper health and hygiene. Brushing alone is not enough”, said Dr. _____ at Famdent trade show. “Oral Care’s Water Flossers are clinically proven to be more effective compared to manual or string dental floss for providing advance protection against the bacteria causing cavities.”

Alongside, Oral Care also encourages better brushing habits in children with the Kids Musical Oscillating Toothbrush that plays your kids favourite tunes for 2 minutes while they brush. Its unique technology makes sound vibrations stream from the oscillating bristles through your teeth, so that it seems like the music is actually playing in your head. Brushing has never sounded so good.

Oral Care’s dental health care products are exclusively available at oralcaresolutions.com and our e-retailers – amazon, paytm and flipkart.

For more information on Water Flossers and other dental products by Oral Care, visit oralcaresolutions.com.

About Oral Care Solutions:

Oral Care Solutions is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative dental healthcare products. The Oral Care brand is one of the most trusted oral health brands recommended by dental professionals throughout India. Founded in June 2014, Oral Care Solutions has fast gained popularity due to its innovative designs and patented technology. Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, MH, the company operates facilities all over the country and has a pan India presence. For more information, visit the Oral Care Solutions website at www.oralcaresolutions.com. Oral care can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels.